Baby BitBurnReflect

Baby token of the daddy BitBurn paying out rewards in the daddy token and following in its foot steps and already got support from them. Community is based and hard working. Lets build ourselves a new bright future!

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About Us

What is this token? - This token (#BBBR) is reflecting #BB which is the “daddy” project that distributes  BTC rewards and has a unique true burn mechanism.

How do I benefit by holding this token? - By holding this token you are rewarded with 4% #BB reflections in turn are then being rewarded with 5% BTC rewards by accumulating on the reflections. ( #BBBR > #BB > #BTC )

Why should I ape? - This token is working on partnership with the daddy token & also backed by whales. You are accumulating a constant burning supply and by holding this token is also on a constant burn. YOU ARE VERY EARLY.

WEN Marketing? - Marketing schedule from the 29th -  YouTube ads (Paid), CN Banners (Paid), Safe Analysis Bot (Paid), Buy Bot (Paid), Hulu ads (Paid), iHeart Radio ads (Paid), TG Callers (Incoming), CMC & CG (Applied), Trending CMC and Dextools (Incoming), CEX (Incoming), MASSIVE BIG BUY COMPS over 1bnb…. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?

Utility? - Our UNIQUE utility is an audit software but this is different as it audits even proxy contracts which even Certik can't do. User case prototype should come up in a week and half as the software guy is currently working on it as we speak. Payment has been already made… THIS IS NOT A DEGEN.


Total supply 1 million supply
True Burn2%
$BB Rewards4%
Dev 0%
Liquidity 4%
Buy tax 8%
Sell tax 8%


Brian Nichols

Brian Nichols - dev of SafeZone v2, very well known DEV and investor in crypto space. Experienced, doxxed and ready to pump this Baby hard.



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